We use data, technology and analytics to advise the world's most famous clubs, federations and sponsors.


Founded in 2002 to bring accurate data, digital technologies and unique insights to the world of sports

As part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG) we embody the group's values of transparency and integrity, and have a powerful network to draw on. We have evolved and grown through working with many of the biggest names in sport, analysing thousands of events.

At the same time, as a company in our own right, we have developed a strong ethos with three core tenets:

Get the data right, it is at the heart of everything we do

Critical Thinking
Challenge ourselves and our clients to think in a disciplined, rational but open-minded way

Client focus
Understand client context, tailor to their needs, and communicate clearly

what we do

We cover the whole sports
media and fan landscape

We use proprietary in-house software and analytical techniques to track, assess and optimise the presence, value and impact of your brand – be you a rights holder or sponsor – from visibility to behaviour and purchase.

Who watches?
What do they see?
What is its media value?
What is the consumer impact?
What is the business impact?

We deliver accurate in-home, out-of-home and digital audience numbers for any broadcast event in over 200 countries worldwide. We are global experts in this field, and provide insight and context in addition to the raw numbers.

Our ExposureTrack service digitally measures brand exposure from every medium – visual, audio, text – and through mathematical, sports and media expertise we are able to understand what drives exposure, and how to maximise it.

By applying actual advertising rates (sourced from our global IPG network) we deliver accurate and useable valuation of exposure, and advice on how to maximise it. We have a track record of delivering double digit increases in media value for our clients.

We are experts in using quantitative and qualitative techniques to uncover how fans behave, understand what motivates them, and expose the commercial opportunities they bring.

We provide clients with evaluation of impact across a broad range of measures, from marketing objectives to hard financial outcomes. We deliver both ROI and ROO, and work with clients to optimise returns.

We handle large quantities of data, allowing us to provide unique, actionable insights to clients. But we also want our clients to be able to access all their data instantly – for this reason we deliver data through Client Interactive Web Dashboards, allowing instant access 24/7, full transparency and the ability to perform analysis in the cloud.

how we do it

We have the sharpest minds
and tools in the industry

To offer the very best in sports business evaluation and consulting, the most important resource we have is our people. We have the sharpest minds in the industry. We are a technology-led business and accordingly have backgrounds in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering and the Sciences. Common to us all is a passion for the business of sport.

Consumer Research

Audiences for any event. ViewerTrack delivers accurate and trusted in-home, out-of-home and digital audiences for any broadcast event. Using audited data, mathematical modelling and 15 years of historical data, we provide trusted numbers for over 200 countries.

Our suite of ExposureTrack monitoring tools digitally measures brand presence across all media – TV, press, web, radio.

We use a range of techniques to track and analyse consumers, from survey research to social media sentiment tracking to statistical analysis

We report through interactive, user-friendly and web-based dashboards. In our experience this is the most efficient way to handle the huge volume of data generated in today's digital world. They are:

  • Accurate:
    No precision is lost in transferring data, both client and Futures log-in to exactly the same location for datasets and reports.
  • Insightful:
    Data can be deeply interrogated on the web. All the maths takes place behind the scene, enabling you to focus on the results and their commercial significance.
  • Tailored:
    Complex data are presented in a way that is simple, clear and tailored to client needs. Data can be visualised in terms of maps, charts and tables to ensure their relevance both from a research and sales perspective.

We build dashboards fit for purpose according to specific client requirements. Please click on the green circles to find out more

Multiple tabs for different information
Export to excel or PowerPoint
Dynamic table with drop downs to allow selection of different criteria
View data in table or chart format
Controls to filter and select data for display
our work

From top premier league clubs to global sports
governing bodies to fortune 500 companies

We've worked with some of the world's most prominent and powerful sports players. Here are some of the questions we've helped them answer (due to the very sensitive nature of our work, we do not disclose the names of the clients we work with).

management & contact

Let's talk

We work with some of the world's leading sports teams, rights holders and
to help them understand and grow their businesses.
We'd love to work with you too

  • Managing Director
    Kevin Alavy

    For Asia Pacific new business and global press enquiries, please contact Kevin.


    T +61 (0)2 8373 2236
    M +61 (0)427 942 465

  • SVP, Europe
    Gareth Moore

    For enquiries relating to EMEA, please contact Gareth.


    T +44 (0)20 7862 0100
    M +44 (0)7972 049 103

  • VP, Americas
    Catie Griggs

    For enquiries relating to the Americas, please contact Catie.


    T +1 678 587 4970
    M +1 919 414 9912



We use data, technology and experience to advise the world's most famous clubs, federations and sponsors.