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Client appointments

April 2014 – Futures Sport and Entertainment appointed as agency of North Queensland Cowboys

March 2014 – Futures Sport and Entertainment appointed Sydney Roosters’ new research agency

January 2014 – NRMA Insurance Broncos partner with Mediabrands Futures Sport and Entertainment

September 2013 – Queensland Rugby begins Futures Sport and Entertainment partnership

November 2012 - New Initiative Futures partnership


December 2013 – The Value of Sports Fans (Sport Business in Numbers Volume 7)

Press interviews

Previous Futures Sport + Entertainment press commentary.

Formula 1:
2014 March - How many people in the world watch the Australian Formula One Grand Prix? (ABC News)

2013 October - Ecclestone Says Vettel’s F-1 Dominance Isn’t Hurting TV Ratings (Bloomberg)

2013 February - Real Madrid v Manchester United: Champions League showdown expected to attract record 200m TV viewers (The Telegraph)

2014 October - 2014 FIFA World Cup viewing outscores South Africa (Inside World Football)

2012 August - How do you say Howzat! in American? (Smart Company)

2011 February - The game's biggest year ever (Business Today)

Olympic Games:

2013 February - Wrestling and the Olympics: What next, get rid of the discus? (The Economist)

2012 August - London Olympics: Did a billion people watch the opening ceremony? (Los Angeles Times)

Most watched events:

2014 January - Why everybody in the US and nobody outside it watches the Super Bowl (Quartz)

2011 April - Sincere good wishes to Wills and Kate, but a 2bn TV audience? Garbage. Only the Olympics and the World Cup are truly global events, and half as big as that at best (Sporting Intelligence)

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